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Candidates can request to be placed on the TOPS (Trained Operator Passport Scheme) on completion of their training. The TOPS scheme was introduced to reduce the incidents/ accidents of MHE (Mechanical Handling Equipment). Candidates will be issued with a unique number that will stay with them for life. Candidates and employers can then access their TOPS training record for validation.

The main reason that operators may want to be placed on the TOPS scheme are:

  • Validation and verification of training undertaken
  • Promotes confidence in operator training
  • Lifelong, safe and secure scheme
  • Promotes a communication link between, training organisations, employers, operators and the industry
  • Individual unique Identification number
  • Quick, reliable and user-friendly system

Accessing the scheme

  • Remote access online via a unique training organisation ID number
  • Application by post ITSSAR enters the details
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